We install Geo Seal Vapor Barrier and Venting right before you would normally pour your concrete. Footings are in. ground work is in, insect control has been applied.

Trenchless Venting

Then we install the trenchless venting; we put down the first layer of the vapor barrier (BASE) it's a geotextile backed HDPE and sealed to the footings, all penatrations are sealed. Then we spray on the second layer (CORE). At this point we smoke test to ensure the barriers integrity. Now the last layer (BOND) goes down; it protects the first two layers so the flat workers can work on the barrier.

Waterproofing Systems

We install Epro Waterproofing Systems
Blindside, Over excavated, Water Tables, Tunnels Projects include deep commercial basement, parking garages, rail tunnels, rail stations, coal tunnels and structures sitting in polluated water.



Contractors Waterproofing Systems was subcontracted by SNC Lavalin Graham Joint Venture to supply and install the Epro waterproofing system for the West LRT expansioin project located in Calgary, AB.  Scope of subcontract included the supply and install of over 60,000 square meters of waterproofing to cut and cover tunnels, and underground transit stations and substations.  Work was completed over an eighteen month schedule, including working through a colder than average Calgary winter.
Michael Downey has personally provided a level of solutions orientated customer srevice all subcontractors should aspire to provide.  Be it schedule, quality, technical, or commercial when challenges were encountered, Michael was the first to develop solutions to address all stakeholders interests.
I would not hesitate to include Contractors Waterproofing Systems on future bid lists, and hope to be able to have the opportunity to work with Michael again.
Sincerely, Brian Atwell, Project Manager