Contractors Waterproofing was established in 1996.  At that time the core business was residential basement waterproofing then we expanded into the manufacturing of waterproofing spray equipment.

With the technology and experience gained we began doing larger and more complicated projects. Started reaching out and taking on the type of jobs that others backed away from.  Always learning and learning, tunnels, water tables, blindside and brown field.


Has grown from a small market residential waterproofing company into a premier international specialized waterproofing contractor and one of the largest brownfield mitigation vapor barrier installers in the country.

We have the project experience, the project references, the products, the insurance, the bonding and the funding to successfully complete your waterproofing or brownfield project.

If you need to put a stucture down into polluted water we are the ones to call.


Contractors Waterproofing is located in a town of about 3,000 that's 30 miles from Wichita KS.  Most of our employees are from the rural community and have a stong work ethic. Because of this we travel all over the country for each customers project and stay until our work is complete.
Professionally maintained equipment and  trucks are always ready to roll to bring our crews to your job site. On each crew is a qualified foreman that goes to the field. If the job requires it a company manager will be onsite as needed as well.
This company has been built on quality work and customer satisfaction.  Doing so has earned us a national reputation with excellent references.


We have divisions with equipment in Columbus Ohio and Calgary Canada to keep travel costs in budget.

"We specialize in large and challenging projects"